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CanadaWorld TV will be in the hands of Canada’s two most experienced ethnic specialty TV broadcasters. TLN offers 11 TV channels in 3 languages. And ATN serves Canada’s diverse communities with 54 specialty television channels. Plus ATN and TLN are involved in radio, live events, production and international distribution. CanadaWorld TV’s schedule includes news, public affairs…


CanadaWorld will be a major unifying force for Canada.  We love Canada and we love Canadians, wherever they come from and whatever languages they speak. We are a nation of immigrants and many arrive with limited or no knowledge of English or French.  For these Canadians, receiving news, information, public affairs and entertainment programs in…


All 20 top immigrant language communities in Canada will receive news and information programming multiple times a week. And with equal access to the prime times of the TV schedule, not just the wee hours of the late nights and early mornings.


CanadaWorld TV includes an extensive free companion VOD (video on demand) service that lets viewers watch even more shows on demand in even more ways and even more languages. Viewers will receive sports, entertainment and lifestyle programming on the VOD service.