The Opening Spain series has top Canadian Chefs Rob Rossi and Craig Harding embarking on their next epic cooking adventure – this time traveling to Spain. The mecca for tapas, wine and ancient food culture, Spain has long fascinated the Chef’s. The ultimate destination for culinary inspiration with some of the best food and wine in the world, both Chefs can’t wait to explore its rich cultural history as they seek to bring back cooking knowledge and new technique to their successful new restaurants in Toronto.

GENRE: Lifestyle
LENGTH: 6 x 30 min




Chefs Craig Harding and Rob Rossi touch down in Barcelona, Spain. They’re living a true Chef’s dream as they check into their villa in Alella, a food and wine paradise in the hills above the city. They visit a nearby slow food restaurant, drink the local Cava and eat chickens roasted over an open fire. The next day the Chefs head into Barcelona for an epic tapas tour, soaking up the culture, vibe and delicious food in the many bars and restaurants of this amazing city.


After a visit to Alta Allela, a natural winery, Rob and Craig decide it’s time to put inspiration into practice and cook for some new friends. For product they visit La Boqueria, one of the most famous food markets in the world. The Chefs source incredible local seafood and other fresh ingredients for a memorable cookout at their Alella villa. They put their own spin on regional classic dishes to the delight of the locals gathered poolside.


The Chefs enjoy a Barcelona experience at Tickets, considered one of the best restaurants in the world. The next day they head into the beautiful town of Alella and explore the local market. Nearby is a famous wine bar where they enjoy superb Cava and house cured meats. At sunset, overlooking the Alella landscape, Rob and Craig cook over an open fire for their friends and neighbours.


Chefs Rob and Craig arrive in San Sebastián, a seaside foodie heaven in the Basque region of Spain. They meet up with Ania, a local chef and food guide who takes them on an incredible pinxto tour in the bars of the old city. These bite sized classic dishes provide endless inspiration for their upcoming cookouts. 


The Chefs head into the Basque countryside to cook for a local family at their hilltop villa. Over an open grill they fire up a memorable feast featuring local meat and freshly caught fish. The next day, Ania takes them to a winery overlooking the ocean where they enjoy amazing chacolí, the Basque sparkling wine. Then it’s on to a famous fish restaurant where the chefs are knocked out by the grilling techniques of José, the chef/owner.


Rob and Craig check into a Basque villa before visiting José’s vineyard and bodega. He provides them with fresh fish and some tips for their own cookout using his same techniques. A whirlwind shopping tour through the streets of San Sebastián gets the Chefs ready to wrap up their Spanish food adventure. Armed with amazing products, they head to the surfer’s beach and create their own signature pinxtos for local foodie friends. Their creations are a hit as the sun sets on the scene and another fabulous foreign food adventure for Chefs Rob and Craig.