The final chapter in the “Opening” series features Canadian chefs (and best friends) Rob Rossi and Craig Harding travelling to the island of Sicily for their next culinary adventure. The ancient crossroads of the Mediterranean, this gorgeous island has a dazzling diversity of landscapes and cultural treasures. It also boasts its very own style of traditional Italian cuisine and an increasingly vibrant wine scene.

GENRE: Lifestyle
LENGTH: 6 x 30 min




Chefs Craig Harding and Rob Rossi touch down in the vibrant city of Palermo, Sicily to begin the cooking adventure of a lifetime.  First up is a street food tour where they sample local favourites like spleen sandwiches and fresh octopus.  To cap the night off Craig and Rob head to Enoteca Picone, the oldest wine bar in the city, to sample an amazing selection of Sicilian wines.


Early one morning Craig and Rob head to Aspra, a fishing village on the outskirts of Palermo to catch some fish with local fisherman for a cookout that night.  It’s a memorable experience to watch the fisherman bring in the days catch then set up a small open market where they sell the freshest fish imaginable.  Later that night, full of inspiration, the Chefs go all out at their villa and cook an incredible Siclian feast featuring tuna, bream and octopus caught that day.


The Sicilian food tour continues as Chefs Craig and Rob travel east to Milazzo to meet with fellow Chef Roberto, a native of the who now lives in Toronto.  Roberto takes them to his childhood home for a classic Sicilian dinner prepared by his mother. The next day the Chefs head to a seaside organic farm to gather fresh ingredients to cook at the beautiful new restaurant Belice.


The Chefs get ready to embark from Milazzo on a boat tour for a cookout at a hidden beach location.  First up, the Chefs head to one of the best fish markets they have ever seen and pick up the freshest red prawns and swordfish. Then its on to shop with the very best in local veg, cheese and sausage.

With all the ingredients in hand the Chefs head out on the water to the hidden beach. There they set up a grill to cook up a spectacular meal for some of Chef Roberto’s local friends.


The Chefs travel to the Mount Etna region to meet with legendary winemaker Frank Cornelissen whose wines are sought after around the world.  Frank takes the Chefs on a guided tour of his amazing operation and vineyards where the ripe grapes are being picked for harvest.  From there they head to lunch at Frank’s favourite restaurant in a nearby medieval town. The Chefs are blown away by the multi-course lunch paired with Frank’s beautiful wines.


The Sicilian food tour draws to a close in Catania, a stunning city full of life and culture that features one of the best fish markets in Europe.  There, Rob, Craig and Roberto are amazed by the energy of the vendors and the fresh fish on display. They gather their ingredients for a final cookout at their villa. With local guests looking on, the Chefs prepare a Sicilian feast cooked entirely in the outdoor kitchen.  To celebrate the conclusion of an unforgettable adventure, everyone digs into the beautiful dishes of cuttlefish ink pasta, fish stew, porcini mushrooms and roasted Catania cauliflower.