Women leaving their homeland in order to work as caregivers planted the seeds for one of Canada’s largest immigrant groups: the Filipino community. For decades, Filipino women have left their own families in order to care for others’ kids around the world. This allows them to provide for their own children back home by sending remittances, and eventually reunite with them some years later as they become citizens of the country where they work. Thanks to the live-in caregiver program, Canada is one of the preferred destinations for Filipino nannies. “Nanny Magpakailanman?” follows the lives of 3 characters at different stages of this process. Maria who is new to Canada and has left her family in Manila in order to take care of two young boys in Toronto. Alma who worked for years as a nanny had her children in Canada and became a citizen a few years ago. And finally, Elaine whose Canadian-born children have no idea of the sacrifices she endured while she worked as a nanny in Hong Kong and Vancouver, where she eventually became a nurse.

GENRE: Documentary
LENGTH: 60 min
LANGUAGE: Filipino/Tagalog Language