Mangia Québec is a six-part documentary series that explores multiculturalism in Québec through the lens of the province’s diverse culinary traditions. Season One focuses on Québec’s Italian communities and is a food journey about Italian chefs and their specialties.

Montreal restaurateur Michele Forgione travels to six communities across the province, meeting and interviewing Italian Canadians on century-old farms, in family-owned restaurants, and everywhere in between. Each character he meets tells the story of their family’s history in Québec – from new immigrants to established generational lines of Quebecers.

Through these stories, Mangia Québec unpacks the province’s history, the political events that shaped the trajectories of our subjects’ lives, and the resonances present in contemporary immigration debates.

While relishing the influence of Italian cooking on Québécoise cuisine, Mangia Québec exposes the larger cultural contributions Italians and other immigrant groups have made to the province.

The series privileges the diverse voices of the Quebecers who generously share their stories and their dinner tables with Michele while providing a deeper appreciation of Québec’s diverse cultural heritage and the delicious fruits of culinary cross-pollination. Episodes feature: Montréal, Québec City, Gaspésie, The Laurentians, Outaouais Region, and Eastern Townships.


GENRE: Documentary
LENGTH: 6 x 30 min



Michele and his fellow chef and business partner Stefano Faita have deep roots in Montréal’s now bustling Little Italy. It is here that Michele and Stefano’s three popular and eclectic restaurants can be found. We find Michel in his element, working at Impasto, one of Canada’s top 100 restaurants. His outsized personality and passion for food are a huge draw for the many diners in attendance. Michele gives a tour of Montréal’s Little Italy featuring the best localized cafes, bakeries and restaurants. He takes us along as he shops in the famous Jean Talon market for an epic outdoor cookout planned for later on that day. From there Michele visits with his Italian family to help them can tomatoes and produce charcuterie. Michele has deep respect for Italian traditions and is always trying to maintain a connection to his past. Using the best local products he pays respect to the producers and farmers in Québec. Michele also pays respect to Québecois cuisine and one of the most iconic dishes is of course poutine. Michele samples some of the best poutines in the city and offers up the fascinating history of the dish. From there he visits St. Viatuer bagels to find out why their bagels are world famous. Michele travels to his friend’s massive backyard kitchen to cook with a group of locals who are equally passionate about Italian cuisine in the context of Québecois culture. Together they share stories of their culture through its food.


Michele tours to Gaspésie, a stunningly beautiful region at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. He visits with his friend, a renowned Buffalo mozzarella cheese maker. Québec produces some of the best cheeses in the world and Michele is proud to help tell their story. He meets with many of the third generation Italian/ Quebec cheese makers learns how they are made. From there Michele meets local chocolatiers, beer brewers and bakers that are equal parts charming and fascinating. Next he heads to the local fish market to pick up freshly caught cod to prepare a traditional meal that the first settlers in Québec would have created. On a bluff overlooking the sea, Michele and his local friends enjoy a cookout that combines the best in Italian and Quebecois cuisine.